Newborn Baby Photographer in NYC | Studio in the comfort of your home.

Newborn baby portraits in your NYC apartment.

I aim for very creative newborn portraits, the type you would see in a book.

I come to your home and set up a studio in your living room, we do some family portraits, and then pictures of the baby (all against a studio backdrop).

We’d then start shooting around the house, and this is where we’ll get really creative. I use everything you can imagine to capture portraits unique to your alone. Whether its those shots in the nursery, with a toy that used to belong to you (the parents)… or anything else that comes spontaneously. All along paying attention to your baby and his/her needs. We can take breaks… and let you and your newborn relax between different shots.

It’s not a busy shopping mall, it’s not the same 20-minute session for every baby that walks in the door. It’s your home, your pace, and your baby’s very first photo session.

I am young, energetic, with tons of experience, patience and desire to be creative.

Baby photographer in New York

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