On this page you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to general session information (pricing, ordering etc…)
There are also pages full of FAQ’s for specific sessions for example, the Newborn Session FAQ’s page will tell you what to have ready for your session and what to expect during that specific type of session.

Quick links to Session-Specific FAQ pages:

Newborn Photography FAQ
Maternity Photography FAQ  (coming soon)
Engagement /Couples Photography FAQ
Family Portraits Photography FAQ (coming soon)

General Session FAQ’s

How long are your portrait session?

Generally most sessions are advertised as 2 hour sessions, though we will keep going as long as we feel is needed.
It is not uncommon for a newborn session to last 3 hours, but you’ll see it’s still advertised as a 2 hour session… Just in case we do get everything we need in that time frame

How many pictures will we have to choose from?

Also hard to estimate, you can expect around 150 (or more) images in your gallery. Similar shots will be edited differently (cropping, effects, etc) in order to give you even more variety and choices.

What time of day do you usually do the sessions?

Home sessions always take place on weekday mornings, usually I arrive around 8am to start setting up and we’d start shooting around 8:30. With babies older than 6 months we’d adjust the timing based on their morning nap.

Outdoor sessions take place either early in the morning or in the late afternoon (a couple of hours before sunset).

What is your cancellation policy?

There is NO DEPOSIT and NO CANCELLATION FEE. If you change your mind, find someone who better fits your style/budget etc. Not a problem!
It is never my intention to pressure someone into going through with a session. All I ask is that we respect each other’s time. If you need to cancel/reschedule please do it as soon as you know, so that another client may book the date being held for you.

Can you tell me your pricing? How much are your extra prints?

Sure! It’s all online!
All the pricing info is available online. I am very proud of the value of my session and print pricing and so you don’t even need to contact me in order to see it.
Since pricing changes every once in a while, I decided to list it only in one place (to avoid someone seeing the wrong price if it’s not updated). Please visit the appropriate pricing page on the main website: www.NYvisual.com

Can I get a CD with all the images from my session?

A CD is available for purchase. You can purchase a single image or the entire session.  As mentioned above, all the pricing is listed online on the main website (www.NYvisual.com)

Where are you located? Do you come to my house? Can we do the shoot in your studio instead?

I am currently based  just outside Manhattan in LIC. but all the work I do is done on location! I come to you!
I serve clients all over the tri-state area. often working on Long Island (as far as the Hampton Bays), Westchester, NYC, NJ,CT. I have being hired by clients as far away as Providence RI. Wherever you are… If you are comfortable with my travel fee I can come there.
Experience led me to understand that most clients love the fact that I come to them, therefor there is no studio location you can come to.

Will we be required to visit your studio in order complete the session/purchase?

No. All the ordering is done with no pressure, from the comfort of your own home. I have invested in the latest gallery/cart technology which is constantly updated. From there you can order any product or service using a credit card online. You can crop,compare images, preview Black & White, and add notes to your images. The gallery can be forwarded to friends and family as well.

Will you retouch my images? What do you mean by edited gallery?

After every session every image is reviewed and corrected (color/brightness) and edited (coloring-effects/cropping)  before it is posted in your gallery.
Images that are ordered as prints are also retouched (minor blemishes etc.) before going to print. These minor touch ups are not an extra charge, but we do ask that you add a note in your cart if there is something that you really want retouched before printing. Keep in mind this is more basic retouching and not photo manipulation.
CD orders will include all the photos in the gallery as they are (corrected but not retouched). We are unable to Photoshop/retouch every photo as your gallery is likely to have a few hundred to choose from.

How can I purchase a gift card?

To purchase Photography Session gift certificates please visit  www.nyvisual.com/photography-gift-cards/

How far in advance should I book our session?

You should probably book your session now! regardless of the type of session booking early is always a good idea (remember, there’s not deposit or cancellation fee if you change your mind)…
The FAQ pages for Newborns, Maternity, and Engagement sessions include more info about how and when to book.

Ordering / Turnaround

How long before I can see my proofs online? print order?

Depending on volume of work, It generally takes about a 7-10 days before you see your edited gallery online. Print orders can take up to 2-3 weeks to get processed (though it might be as fast as a few days, rush processing is available if you have a deadline to meet)

Is there an order minimum?

Currently there is no order minimum! order as much (or as little) as you’d like.

How long will my gallery be online?

Your gallery stays online for 1 year. If after a year you still can’t choose, an additional year can be purchased for just $25.