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This page contains some general information about our newborn photography sessions, including:

How it works… From setting up a session to what to have ready and what to expect during your newborn’s first portrait session.

Ideal ages, what age is best for a newborn session. What to aim for once you’ve decided you want newborn portraits.

Also on this page you will find some of the most common, FAQ’s about our newborn photography which are usually asked on a daily basis.

For more general session FAQ’s, such as editing and session turnaround times, please visit the general FAQ page.

Queens Newborn Photography

Important update about our newborn photography – Summer 2016

To keep things modern & current, we no longer bring a backdrop to our newborn sessions. We provide our clients with more natural, lifestyle, photography which is bright and beautiful.
We do bring props and professional lights so we can shoot in any lighting situation.
Portraits with parents are taken using your home as the backdrop (nursery/bedroom/living room) for a more natural lifestyle feel.

How it works.

1: Setting up a tentative newborn session

Whether you are due tomorrow, or 8 months from now, the process for setting up a session can start now. We’ll set up a tentative appointment for about a 7-10 days after your due date; Then, as your date gets closer we’ll keep in touch and see if you are still on course. If you end up delivering early/late we will reschedule your session to accommodate the baby’s actual birth, but by having that original tentative date we’ll have an option of ‘trading’ that date with another client.
Setting up a tentative session makes finding you a date much more doable even if the baby doesn’t arrive right on schedule (as opposed to calling a day after the baby is here and asking to set something up in a week from now).

Please note: There is NO DEPOSIT and NO CANCELLATION FEE. If you change your mind, find someone who better fits your style/budget or decide to do a 6 month session instead that’s absolutely fine.
It is never my intention to pressure someone into going through with a session. All I ask is that we respect each other’s time. If you need to cancel/reschedule please do it as soon as you know, so that another client may book the date being held for you.

2: Day of the shoot: What to have ready and what to wear.

Whenever possible we recommend holding off your baby’s morning feeding until your photographer arrives, that way while the baby is feeding everything else is being set up and we’re ready at about the same time.
If your nursing sessions are long, you can start about 15-20 minutes earlier. If you can’t hold off the feeding and it doesn’t work at all with his/her schedule that’s totally fine too, don’t stress over it.

For the parents, we recommend wearing lighter colors (whites, creams, blues, pinks can be anything in a lighter shade).
 Since we’re likely to do brighter, more natural, pictures with you guys in the nursery or living room.
Moms (since you most likely don’t have time to get your nails done)… Please try to remove your nail polish if it’s old and/or chipping  before the shoot.

Anything else that will be needed during the session you already have (diapers, blankets, towels, wipes etc.)

3: How the newborn session is structured.

We’ll usually start with a few natural family portrait (most likely in the nursery, living room or bedroom).
Once the family portraits are done, we’ll do a mix of newborn photos, some with props some more simple, feel free to let us know which style appeals to you and we’ll go for that look… Whether we can shoot in the nursery or even just use some of your furniture creatively.
There are many situations where the client’s home is not very ‘photogenic’ whether you are in the middle of moving in/out or are staying at a temporary location, I am totally capable of going through an entire session in an empty house if I need to. I have enough fabrics/props that I bring with me and am not counting on you having anything for me to work with.

Before we start shooting I will look around to see what’s available to me, what rooms have good lighting/props and will have a game plan in mind as to how we’ll go through your session.

NYC newborn photographer

Ideal Ages.

When possible, 5-10 days old is ideal. the ‘industry standard’ for newborn portraits is before they turn 2 weeks old.
By doing the session in the baby’s first couple of weeks, we are more likely to avoid baby acne, and can expect a more cooperative (sleepy) baby during the session. It is also at this age that you can expect that wrinkly, tiny baby look which is quickly gone if this small window is missed.

I’ve heard of some photographers who turn down newborn sessions if the baby is older than 10 or 14 days old, that’s not the case here.
While older than 2 weeks might not be ideal for that tiny-newborn look, every age has different things to offer in the photos.

Once a baby is older than 6 weeks old,  you may want to consider doing a Baby Portrait Session at 6 months + when the baby is able to sit up but not crawl away from the camera. that’s not to say that I haven’t had success at all ages between newborn and 6 months.

FAQ’s about our newborn photography sessions

For more general session FAQ’s please visit the general FAQ page.

1) How long does the session take?  How flexible is this length of time in case our baby becomes fussy during the shoot?

The newborn sessions are advertised as 2 hour sessions, but the reality is that it’s rare that we’ll be done that quickly… I stay as long as it takes, going by the baby’s schedule to take feeding breaks etc.

2) My husband is back to work and can not stay late. I really want him in the pictures, what can we do?

I hear this question very often, especially since weekends get booked up pretty far in advance and clients are often left with a weekday session.
What I normally do in this case is offer to start the session early, and since I do the family pictures first, Dad can then leave after about 30-40 minutes of shooting.

3) Can we do the session in the late afternoon/evening?

My experience has led me to avoid late sessions and I now shoot almost always in the mornings. Babies are better in the mornings, our energy levels are better as well (i’ve shot with dad’s who just came home from work and they are usually drained by that time). Also for shots where I can use available window light afternoons do not work very well.

4) My mom/dad/sister/cousin is staying with us, can he/she be in a couple of pictures?
Also, can we take some pictures of my baby with our Dog?

Not a problem! though I do recommend we keep it to a minimal number of shots… We already have a lot to accomplish during our session, which is why I try to minimize my time with extended family.

I am happy to give it an honest try when it comes to having photos with your newborn and your dog. Usually it’s not a problem but please understand that I do not know your dog and much of it depends on his/her personality and how comfortable you are having them close to the baby. We can also do shots where the dog isn’t directly next to the baby but is still in the shot.

5) Do I have to be in the photos? I don’t think I want to be photographed 10 days after having my baby.

You don’t have to… But I strongly recommend it. I always tell my clients that when you look at your childhood photos with your mom, you don’t really care what she looks like (double chin or not. it’s pretty awesome having a photo with your mom holding you when you were just a tiny newborn!).
Also, photographing you with a black shirt over a black background helps a little. And the portraits are usually close-ups.

6) Can you tell me your pricing? How much are your extra prints?

Sure! It’s all online!
All the pricing info is available online. I am very proud of the value of my session and print pricing and so you don’t even need to contact me in order to see it.
Since pricing changes every once in a while, I decided to list it only in one place (to avoid someone seeing the wrong price if it’s not updated). Please visit the main Portrait Photography website and click on Pricing..

7) Where are you located? Do you come to my house?

On location newborn photography means the we come to you! We serve clients in Long Island, NYC, Westchester and the rest of the Tri-State Are.
The newborn portraits, more than any other session, greatly benefits from the comfort of home!

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