How to order your free prints.

Your portrait session may have included a standard print package. Here is how you can go about ordering those prints.

Short Explanation:
Just add the ‘free prints’ package to the cart once. Then you’d be able to drag your images into it in order to fill the item.

Step By Step Explanation:

Step 1: Log into your cart, and click on any image so that you see the print ordering menu.
at the top, where you see the tabs that say: ‘Prints’, ‘CD’, Etc. scroll to the right until you see the ‘Free Prints’ tab and click on it.


Step 2: Once you see (and click on) the ‘Free Prints’ tab, click on the View Full Details’ button.:

Attention Pet Photography clients… be sure to follow this step in order to choose the Pet Photography print package:


Step 3: Click ‘Add to Basket’


Step 4: Click on the yellow box to start choosing which photos you’d like.


Step 5: Once you see the package and the columns ‘Available Prints’ and ‘Filled Prints’ you may start dragging your images into the package.

That’s it! once you’ve added all 6 prints to the cart, you may send your order through. If you have any special instructions you have the option to attach a ‘note’ to an order or to any product in your cart (see the little pencil icon)

If you choose to do so… You may also add any additional prints to your order at the same time. (Please note that  adding any additional prints will also incur the normal $5 shipping charge…)

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