Headshots session in Syosset, Long Island

On Wednesday night I got a call around 8pm. I was just done having dinner and almost didn’t get to the phone in time but I’m glad I did.
On the line was Rob, a potential client on Long Island who needed his headshot done asap for an upcoming audition… We discussed all possible options for doing the shoot the next day, and decided I can swing by his workplace in Syosset and do them during his lunch break!

Before heading over to Rob’s workplace, I did a quick tour of the area using Google street view to get an idea of locations… The first place that seemed to work was by a Post Office across the street… The little bit of greenery and the mailbox (for posing) seemed like they be a good place to start.

Scouting for a location using Google street view.

I showed up about 15 minutes early and looked around the area, the post office seemed like a good start and I also chose a couple of other locations.


All in all, I think we shot for about 15-20 minutes. Rob was very photogenic and comfortable with the camera. I showed him his headshots just to make sure he was happy and I was confident we had the perfect shot.

Rob had his headshots delivered less than 24 hours after I heard from him.

Though I did use more locations to get more variety to choose from, In the end, we did end up liking one of the shots taken on the mailboxes… here is the result:


I shot using my Fujifilm X-t2 with one of the best lenses in the fuji lineup… the 90mm F.2

Rob’s review on Google+

“Great artist, very professional, efficient and I hope to work with him again. 10/10 I recommend.”

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