Casting at Animal Planet… New York Pet Photographer

Just received this email from Animal Planet and thought i’d list it for some of my Pet Photography clients:

Animal Planet is looking for cats with interesting and VISUAL stories. Since you’re an artist who incorporates animals we thought you might know some cats that would be a perfect fit. For example…
A cat who…

lives on a farm
with lots of other colorful characters.
has an unusual talent.
has an interesting job.
has an interesting hobby.
lives in an interesting/unusual/spectacular place.
lives in the lap of luxury.
has an unexpected friend.
has a unique personality.
The breeds we are looking for include:
Persians, Bengals, Abyssinians, Ragdolls, Burmese, Sphynx, Domestic Shorthairs, Savannahs, Siberians, Tonkinese, American Curls, Maine Coons, Toygers, British Shorthairs, Ragamuffins, Ocicats, Russian Blues, Tuxedos, Calicos, Exotic Shorthairs, Tabbies, Himalayans, Munchkins, Singapuras, Cornish Rexes, Birmans, or Domestic Shorthairs.

All animals must live within 3 hours of NYC. If you have or know of a cat who fits the bill, please email a description of the cat and what makes him/her so interesting.


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