At-Home Newborn Photography Post Covid-19

Starting today, all my newborn photography sessions will be more lifestyle in nature (with no props) here’s some info about why and what to expect….

In order to adapt and offer services which I feel I would want as a new parent in this ‘new world’, I am switching to only lifestyle newborn sessions. This is not only more modern (styles have changed a lot since I started working with newborns back in 2006) but also a better way to serve clients by offering much more streamlined sessions with less exposure and and gear brought into your home.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating the newborn gallery to better reflect the types of photos you can expect from these lifestyle newborn sessions.

What does this change mean?

For newborn sessions, I will still come to your home, still ready for any lighting situation with a full professional setup (studio lights etc.) but the photos will be much more natural, we won’t use many props except maybe some simple wraps/swaddles or bows.

What can we do without props…

I always aim to get enough variety so that you can make a book/album and have plenty of options for filling the pages…

For example:

Of course we’ll still cover family portraits, each parent with the baby, siblings with the baby etc.
Natural light portraits and silhouettes by a window.
We can cover portraits of your baby in their nursery.
Classic looking portraits of the baby in a swaddle.
Detailed shots of little fingers, ears etc.
More creative photos of your baby with on dad’s arm.

At-Home Newborn Photography Post Covid-19
Photography by Roy

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